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  • Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:03:07 +0100

By "invisible" can we include the irksome "Follow Me" a/c?

Gery Winskill

Mike Lucas wrote:

An interesting analysis, John - I like it.

I have never dabbled with AMs, so I think the solution for me is as you suggest in your penultimate paragraph - to follow up any a/c which are invisible and check the data.

Mike L

Bones wrote:

That is logical.. Now see if the following makes sense..

When your data stream goes to FPI it includes your flight plan aircraft
type. It therefore goes without saying that if you connect to ATC OK and
they see you on radar then the rest of your data is going out OK - your
aircraft type just being a small packet of info from the flight plan.

Not seeing other aircraft visually is therefore a problem at the receiving
end. The data coming in isn't being translated to a visual target in FS2004.
Frank's email shows one possible reason - firewall not open for the 15400
port - but that, and all other firewall problems, will result in no aircraft
on your tube at all. The same might happen with setup problems.

I think I have found a reason why pilots may get a random showing of other
ATOC aircraft. In fact it isn't random but limited to specific flight plan
aircraft (like the F100). This apparent random showing isn't related to ATOC
or firewalls but can be the result of using an Aircraft Manager like AAM or
JAB2000. I'll explain..

Some managers are rather too intelligent and they look for faults in each
aircraft folder. They read the aircraft.cfg file and check to see if the
panel, sound, model and .air files are present. If they are not - or the
data specified in the cfg files is wrong (such as the panel being aliased to
one you don't have on your computer) - then the manager will warn you. It
may also disable the aircraft from showing in FS because these errors can
lead to lockups.

JAB2000 does this by stripping out the bad [FLTSIM] sections from the
aircraft.cfg file and it puts these in a file with a .OUT suffix. The
problem is that you sometimes don't see the warnings and the aircraft will
be disabled without you knowing. Other aircraft managers may do the same.

I ran a check on all the ATOC aircraft last night and every single one
failed in JAB2000 - and they all got disabled. For most it was simply
because the ATOC aircraft don't have a panel folder. Sensible enough as AI
aircraft don't need panels but an aircraft manager doesn't know that. Simple
solution here is to find a panel folder with just a panel.cfg file in it
aliasing the panel to the default 182 or 737. Copy this to all the ATOC
aircraft and that problem is solved. Except there were further errors:

1. Some ATOC aircraft are missing a Sound folder too. The cure is as for the
missing panels.
2. Some ATOC aircraft have sound.cfg files and panel.cfg files aliasing to
aircraft that I doubt anyone will have on their systems. The DHC6 and the
F70/100 aircraft had these faults.
3. Some ATOC aircraft have the wrong .air file or the wrong info in the
sim=atoc_a320 line. An example of this is the ATOC B734 where the
aircraft.cfg file is correct for most aircraft in the file (showing
sim=atoc_b734) but, inexplicably, has:

title=ATOC B733 BER

instead of

title=ATOC B734 BER

4. Some aircraft simply have the wrong info in the aircraft.cfg file.

Most of the errors are typos and will be trapped by an Aircraft Manager.
Even if you don't use a manager the errors are such that some of the ATOC
aircraft will never show in FS at all. You would find out pretty rapidly if
you tried to load them but as we don't fly AI aircraft the errors remain
forever hidden.

The solution is pretty simple. If you use an AM then check all the ATOC
aircraft and correct the faults it throws up. If you don't have a manager
then it would be a pain to go through all the aircraft manually. Here I'd
suggest you just keep an eye out for other aircraft in FPI and if you see
(or rather you don't see) that a visual aircraft is showing up then check
with that pilot to see what aircraft be has selected for his flight plan.
You can then go to your aircraft folder and check the data in it.

The real headache is that if you ever have to reinstall ATOC - or they
update their packages - then you have to go through this all over again..
The next time I have to do it I'll make a more specific note of the aircraft
and the faults in each..


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I should have added that I also get a FS ident for the "missing" aircraft in top-down view even though the aircraft is invisible in other views (eg. spot, cockpit). This happened a few weeks ago when I was one of several a/c queueing for departure and Alastair (JHB180) was invisible to me but I watched him take off in top-down and TCAS. I could see all the other a/c.

Mike L

Mike Lucas wrote:


Only very occasionally do I fail to see another aircraft during an
session, and when this happens it appears to be only one aircraft -
others are there OK.  What puzzles me when this happens is that I still
get the TCAS echo for the "missing" a/c.

Mike L

Bones wrote:

Can I ask which pilots never see other aircraft in ATOC sessions?



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