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  • From: Kev Townsend <175@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:41:50 +0100

Thanks All for the plaudits, It's fantastic that all you guys turn up to enable an experience like this!

I did have problems communicating with Mike Brook, although I received him perfectly, I was unreadable at his end, but with a little ingenuity and some help from Alistair and Mike he made a standard departure and we got him over to Bones at London Control without incident. He gave me a shout on approach to Ronaldsway, and all was working perfectly so NFF as they say!

The nature of the SID / STAR procedures at Stansted, particularly when most movements are to the North West rely heavily on the BKY VOR. Outbounds follow the SID south of the track of Incoming flights via CPT, and I felt sure that I gave all clearances Initial 6000', particularly to avoid conflict at BKY. Bones ensured that Inbounds were not cleared to below FL080 so we should have maintained separation. I remember that EFP046 reported "heavy" on arrival and that he requested the hold for burn off purposes, this remained (I believe) at FL080. It just goes to show that there's no let up when responsible for Tower and Ground. My hats off to the real-timers!

In quiet times Bones and I were able to discuss the problems of aircraft "reaction", particularly when turning onto the glideslope where the controllers judgement is critical. Real life pilots when receiving a course or altitude change would immediately dial the new figure into the autopilot and respond to ATC as a sort of confirmation of what they have input, this speeds up the reaction of the aircraft to our instruction and is very much easier to manage, those who respond to the instruction immediately and then go back and make the changes may have travelled a mile or two before the aircraft changes course, this then requires a "fine tune" or if busy a greater angle to establish at a closer point to touchdown, even a decision to call for go-around or an orbit, which when busy would really screw things up!

Just off to do the paperwork I may be some time!

Thanks again for providing the experience



Weblog from one of the MSFS Team <http://blogs.msdn.com/tdragger/> may be of interest - particularly the links.

At 09:47 7/28/2005, you wrote:
A good evening in general. I didn't suffer any of the voice problems which others clearly did - I found myself acting as R/T go-between for MikeB a couple of times. Kev did brilliantly - I counted six inbound and 3 outbound at EGSS as I departed. I didn't have the heart to mention my airprox with EFP046 (2 miles at same altitude; blue warning on TCAS) under the circumstances, particularly since he said nothing about my running out of runway on landing at EGSS a little earlier. (Reverse thrust and autobraking failed on my CRJ - and again at EGNS). Kev was kind enough to send AA Roadside Rescue to find me (and provide a clean pair of trousers ....)

Mike L

Bones wrote:
Grrr indeed - and you have my sympathy. Despite any announcement on FPI it
was a very busy evening. Lost count of the total number of flights but I
think we had 12 pilots and many flew two or more legs.
My hat goes off to Kevin who plugged in at Stansted, did little for maybe an
hour and then got a right gaggle of inbounds from all directions. Very
nicely handled too. Oddly enough, reminiscent of a few weeks ago when Mike
had total engine failure, I got another one tonight. I felt sorry for the
pilot having flogged right across from Hamburg in a Cessna 411 as he never
got anywhere near his destination at EGNS. He lost an engine over the North
Sea and I had to take him into Coningsby.
We hit slight voice problems during the session - it started to break up
about halfway through the evening - but this cleared towards the end of the
session. Can't really be server load as there was zilch traffic outside the
UK and we've seen lots more aircraft online in the past.
I'd also like to take my hat off to everyone who flew into Stansted with its
lousy weather. 3300m vis and OVC400 wasn't nice at all!

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