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Success rate seems to be around 50% - but I don't know why. I can't make it
work anymore either because my computer doesn't have any COM ports (USB
only) but that is beside the point.

The tricky bit seems to be getting GPSOut firing data to Pocket FMS and you
might need several trials to make this work. For the GPSOut.ini file I give
the example on my page of:

Sentence=RMC, PGRMZ, GGA

You definitely need to pick a COM port not used by anything else or else the
data is scrambled and Pocket FMS won't detect the GPS data. It might
therefore be worth trying all the COM ports up to 9 to see if you can get
the data through. Don't forget that you must also change the COM port number
in Pocket FMS too!

The final thing is a reminder that FS2004 only seems to send the GPS data
out for about ten seconds after starting up - after which nothing will make
Pocket FMS connect. To stay within this time frame the only way you can get
them working is to start Pocket FMS first and have it set up and ready. Next
start up FS2004, choose your options and hit the Fly Now button. As soon as
FS dumps you on the runway your ten seconds starts - so switch back to
Pocket FMS darned fast and hit the GPS connect icon.

You can check that Pocket FMS is receiving data by going into Properties
then GPS Properties and selecting the Trace GPS to file box. If you do this
it will create a file called SerialInput.txt which should contain data. Mine
is full of garbage so I'm getting data from something but it's definitely
not FS2004!


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I am still trying to get PocketFMC and FS to talk to each other. WinXP
SP2+FS2004+PocketFMC on same computor. All I get is the occasional beep and
message 'no GPS signal' I have followed your tutorial, and perused the
forum. Please help before I lose all my hair. You can get me on Skype any
afternoon 16:00-17:00 and evenings if you are
free to talk.

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