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  • From: Kev Townsend <175@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 01:28:49 +0100

Can you post your icp3r.ini file (minus login details) so that I can get as close to the real thing as possible?


Kev T

At 03:34 9/20/2006, you wrote:
Stefan has released the updated version of the PCC controller software I've
been working on these last few days. The new METAR interface is much simpler
to use - no typing involved!

A new Section 8 file is also out - a major change as it fixes the airspace
problem that has existed since we first started using ATOC. All UK
controlled airspace is now correctly drawn and it will now be possible to
see more clearly how the airspace works - and how we should use it.

In addition you may notice that the UK airways edges are now defined as
Stefan kindly included my data in his update. There's no longer any excuse
for vectoring aircraft outside airways! My data is contained in the
ATRCC008.txt file in Section 8. Those of you that already have it may see
that the outlines created are bright white - a bit too prominent in my mind.
To change the colour of the lines do the following:

1. Go into STP and click on the Colours tab.

2. Scroll down the list to "FIR - Manually Edit APP". Highlight this and
click on the Set Colour button.

3. Set the RGB values to 53, 85,123 and just press Return.

4. For the transparency slider I've set this to about the middle.

5. Shut down PCC5 and restart. The airway edges should now be the same
colour as the other UK airspace.

To set up your screen to look like a real radar (at last) open the menu bar
and click on FIR. The only options you need active in here for the UK are:
Control Area (CTRL F6)
Control Zone (CTRL F7)
Terminal Control Area (CTRL F11)

The rest of the FIR settings can be turned off.

Next open the SUA tab and enable the Danger, Restricted and Prohibited areas
(ALT F6, F8 and F9). Again the rest can be left off.

For NAV you can use your own preferences but I always have navaids, fixes
and airports turned on. You will see that with the new airway outline you
don't really need the lower airway centrelines active any more - I leave
these off anyway because this file also includes all the RAF TACAN routes
and the end result is a bit of a mess as you don't know which is which.
Upper airways can also be left off as they aren't that useful. With the
whole of the UIR being controlled airspace many aircraft get direct routings
and the airways are somewhat irrelevant.

With the display set up as above you can now see all controlled airspace
clearly, airway edges and the danger areas we should be keeping aircraft
away from. This is a huge leap forward from Stefan and it is fair to say
that it is probably the best presentation now of any online ATC radar. I'm
really very pleased with it.

bones bones@xxxxxxx http://fsaviation.net

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