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returning from the middle east on the old tristars this happened to me 
quite often 15 mins from touch down at EGLL and sorry we are off to 
Frankfurt 4 or 5 hours Later we would arrive at EGLL having missed the 
onward flight.the later tristars were longer but with more powerful engines 
AND more fuel tanks which allowed in the middle of summer a none stop flight 
to London
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>I was returning from a weekend in Melbourne in 2001, The Qantas 747 flight=
> =20
> was over the Channel, when the pilot came on to say that congestion 
> being=20
> so bad at Heathrow, that the expected hold outlasted remaining fuel and=20
> that he was returning to Frankfurt... yes, Frankfurt - to refuel.
> Refuelling lasted only minutes, out on the tarmac, but the new slot took 
> 4=
> =20
> hours...
> Imagine my Taxi bill ....... the driver rang 45 minutes before we were 
> due=
> =20
> to touchdown, and got the on-time nod!
> 5 hour waiting time =A3144
> Kev
> At 10:56 12/30/2004, you wrote:
>>Amazing the significance of the "45 minutes hold" fuel provision. When 
>>play it by the
>>book, in UK regional flights, that exceeds the other fuel components.
>>Which reminds me. Years ago, when the Manchester to Heathrow shuttle was 
> =20
>>111, a
>>friend who was at the time a 111 capt was moaning about Heathrow=
> conjestion.
>>Apparently on an early morning flight to Heathrow, with fog still=20
>>lingering down there, the
>>London area was so busy that they were put into the hold at WAL. They 
> =20
>>held so
>>long that they no longer complied with the company fuel load regs and had=
> =20
>>to return to
>>Manchester to refuel.
>>Gerry Winskill

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