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1. Fuel for planned flight
2. Fuel to reach alternative airfield
3. Add 10% to the above total
4. Fuel for 45 minutes holding
5. Taxy fuel

You remind me of something I forget to mention before. I like the switch =
the PF panel that allows you to switch from Nav to GPS to FNav. It's the
first time I have seen such a beast and it was really handy to enable =
FSNav readout on the EHSI. Getting DME readouts to fixes and even your
temporary fixes dragged from screen to plan was very nice indeed..


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I've flown both the F70 and F100-620, today, to record fuel useage in =
cruise and=20
descent, for entry to FSNav. FSNav then gives me the fuel required for =
flight. Last=20
week, using the deafault FSNav figures for the F100, I finished a flight
into Manchester=20
and, whilst waiting for FS9 ATC clearance to cross 24R, all went quiet; =
run out of=20
 Assuming the figures I've put into FSNav are realistic, I know I should
allow extra for=20
possible diversion to a named alternate but what other reserves should I

Gerry Winskill

On 24 Dec 2004 at 16:58, Bones wrote:

> Thanks for that - I was so busy recording values that I forgot to=20
> adjust =3D the rpm value up from 98. That extra 10 will make a lot of=20
> difference.
> Just a quick recap on weights.
> Empty Weight - (EW or AEW) self explanatory but this is a measured=20
> value =3D for each aircraft. It includes everything bar the loadable=20
> weights. On some aircraft it even includes unusable fuel weight and=20
> oil.
> Maximum All Up Weight (MAUW) is the certified maximum weight for=20
> flight. =3D You cannot exceed this without implications on structural=20
> integrity. Often called MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight).
> Maximum Ramp Weight (MRW) is the same as above but will include the =
> extra fuel for taxy. MRW - taxy fuel =3D3D MAUW.
> Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) is the maximum weight an aircraft can=20
> =3D carry before any fuel is loaded. Effectively it is Empty Weight =
> Payload. =3D So, the max payload that can ever be carried is MZFW - =
> Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) is the weight at which the aircraft has=20
> got =3D to be down to before a landing can be made. Exceeding MLW =
> greater =3D stress on the landing gear. This is one reason why you =
> of aircraft having =3D to circle around for a long time to dump fuel=20
> before making a landing. It =3D is quite a low figure.
> The usual calculation method is the start off with Empty weight and=20
> add =3D your payload. If this is above MZFW you have to shed load. =
> you add your fuel weight to get your Gross Weight. This must be =3D=20
> below MRW. Take away your taxi fuel and the resultant figure has to be =

> below =3D MAUW.
> If things are OK to this point you then work out your sector fuel burn =

> =3D and subtract this weight from the Gross Weight to get actual =
> weight. Obviously this has to be below the MLW figure and if it isn't=20
> you have =3D to shed either fuel or payload..
> bones
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> [jhb_airlines] Re: F100 performance
> Without increasing the thrust scalar, my climb, at max allowable AUW,=20
> =3D didn't run out of=3D20 puff as badly as yours. I altered the =
> Autothrottle_Max_rpm =3D from 98 to 108. That=3D20 was advised for =
> jets, I think in the Flightsimvets Forum.
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> On 24 Dec 2004 at 15:34, Bones wrote:
> > Just a quickie before I have to nip out.
> >=3D20
> > The F100 has an empty weight of 60631lb. In the notes it says the =20
> >MZFW =3D
> > =3D3D is 79000lb so this means your maximum payload (pax and cargo)  =

> >is=3D20 limited to 18369lb. It's dead easy to exceed this as it is in =
> >real=3D20 life but that's =3D3D your base figure for passenger =
> >=3D20  Assuming you hit this figure you are only going to have=20
> >another=3D20  165000lb =3D3D for fuel. In other words never expect to =

> >fill the  tanks=3D20 full unless you have =3D3D got a really low pax=20
> >load. About  80% is the=3D20 maximum you will achieve. Again =3D3D =
> >is like real  life - aircraft=3D20 hardly ever fly with full fuel =
> >now.  Obviously it's better to fly=3D20 with minimum fuel load to=20
> >increase  =3D3D performance and decrease costs=3D20 (what is the =
point of=20
> >lugging  a huge weight of fuel uphill only to=3D20 bring it down=20
> >again). =3D20
> > With the F100 loaded up to max I took off and set her in a climb at
> > =3D
> =3D3D=3D20
> > 1800fpm. At FL100 I increased speed from 250kts to 280kts as per =20
> >the=3D20 handbook but =3D3D she was running out of puff at FL150. At  =

> >FL150 I=3D20 dropped ROC to 1500fpm. At FL200 I dropped it again to =20
> >1000fpm and at=3D20 FL250 down further to 800fpm. =3D3D At FL270 I =20
> >reduced it to 500fpm and=3D20 the aircraft held 280kts and 500fpm up  =

> >=3D3D to FL310. I didn't try for=3D20 the operational ceiling of =
FL350 =20
> >but I'd guess =3D3D you would have to=3D20 reduced climb rate even =20
> >further. =3D20
> > During all this time N2 stayed at 97.9.
> >=3D20
> > HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> > http://fsaviation.net
> >=3D20
> >=3D20

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