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  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 11:32:31 +0000

Hen and egg situation, I fear.
To leave the house, to go to one of these charity events, I'd have to get smashed first. Work experience proved that trying to become anaesthetised before entertaining unnatractive clients, was difficult to achieve. Abhorrence seemed to have a sobering effect. It could be done but required a quantum leap in alcohol intake. At least the bottle was provided by the firm. I'm now retired. It's sounding more expensive by the minute.

Gerry Winskill

Wilding, Colin wrote:

Surely the thing to do would be to volunteer to go to all SWMBO's
evening events and make a complete drunken scene ensuring that a) you
never get invited anywhere again and b) she won't speak to you for at
least a month, thereby allowing more time more time to concentrate on
what you want to do.  Downside is slightly longer stay in hospital,
eating soup through a straw and having to communicate on MSFS via text
for a while.


Colin Wilding

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Instinctively, I should go for the Grapes of Wrath. Sadly, I remember
seeing the film, when first it came out.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

It sounds like your willpower is slowly being drained from you. Time to

rebel Gerry before it's too late. Put your foot down with a firm hand sort of thing...

We'll visit you in hospital - just let me know which grapes you




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My apologies for absence, yet again. Having ducked out of a charity evening, devoted to selling candles or something, I thought I was clear

for the session. Unfortunately, SWMBO's friend is going with her but her husband is as unenthusiastic as I. Would you believe they've decided the neat solution is for him to spend the evening here, whilst they go to the candlelight session; shades of Mrs Bucket!
Only another 5 weeks available before I'm dragged off to enjoy myself,

so oportunities are getting fewer.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Just in case anyone else hasn't seen the posting on FPI here it is:

UK-FPI invites VFR and IFR traffic to join us in this event. New members are especially welcome.

Focus airports this week are:

Keflavik (BIKF) - runway length 3065m
Akureyri (BIAR) - runway length 1940m
Egilsstadir (BIEG) - runway length 2000m

Pilot skills will be tested to the limit, especially in low visibility, at BIAR with an off-set approach and high ground on either

side of the approach.

Suggested routes:

Keflavik to/from Akureyri (160nm)


Keflavik to/from Egilsstadir (235nm)


Akureyri to/from Egilsstadir (100nm)


Aerodrome charts can be downloaded from the downloads section of:


Scenery can also be downloaded from the above web-site and also at:


Look forward to seeing you at what will be an interesting event for ATC and pilots.


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Subject: [jhb_airlines] Extra hours - 037G (and Iceland report)

Hi John,

Completed a positioning flight earlier from Tromso to Egilsstadir (BIEG), one of the focus airports for this week's FPI session. The active runway for BIEG tonight was 22 which called for a tricky NDB/DME approach with a 16 degree offset. Nice! If this is the active runway tomorrow it should prove an exciting evening...

JHB037T ENTC BIEG 1640 2022 03:42
A/C - B737


Phil Reynolds


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