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It's one of those vague recollection times for this one.  There are two
possibilities here, one is there is a damaged file in there which will halt
the process but more likely you're maximising the resources for the FAT.
When you copy files the FAT for the destination has to be re-written and to
speed this up it's done once rather than for each file.  The consequence of
this is that XP has to remember the address pointer for not only each file
but potentially each fragment of the file as well.  The system resources
allocated to this are probably reaching maximum and rahter than just locking
up the system or trashing your drives XP is actually telling you it can't
cope.  OK not ideal but better than we had.  The solution is to copy the
directory over in chuncks.


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It's not a memory problem. I have 1Gb here too and there's plenty free. The
warning about system resources goes deeper and is usually a sign that a
program is not freeing up system resources after it finishes running. This
was common in Win98 and was supposed to have been sorted in XP but this
isn't true.

If you run a Google search you will see many references to low resources and
a wild variety of cures. In my case I am ignoring any mention of a specific
program that causes the warning as I know that the trigger is in copying
huge volumes of files to the external hard drive. The whole Windows folder
copied across without complaint, as did most other large folders, but VFGM
AIO proved a tough nut.

One thing I have changed though is the Prefetch settings because by default
XP prefetches everything. You'll see this if you look in the
Windows/Prefetch folder.


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Odd that it should do that. I did exactly the same, to copy the AIO across,
from old to new machine. Could it be your machine memory size? My old has
1Gb. When trying to get rid of the now obsolete folder that contained the
separate, pre AIO, folders, it got part way and said there weren't
sufficient facillities and could it delete direct from the PC, rather than
via Recycle Box.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>I've now plugged in a 250Gb external hard drive to this PC - very
>impressive too. Even through USB it seems to be a tad faster than the
>internal drives.
>I've copied almost all my HD data onto the external now with one
>exception - the VFGM photo scenery. It doesn't like this and falls over
>before all the files are copied across. To be fair I run the AIO setup
>so all 143,000 bitmaps are in the one folder. By the time it has copied
>about 56000 of these over I get a warning that system resources are low
>and then a gradual failure of all programs on the PC, only cured by a
>Funny thing is that memory is fine but I must check Task Manager to see
>where the problem lies.

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