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The link Kevin gave seems to be a different organisation run by Tim Westnutt
- a name from the distant past that stirs my decaying memory cells. It looks
like it is aimed more for real world pilots whereas the page you've pointed
to says FS Pilot Club and suggests it is aimed at FS users.


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Hello Kev,

I was just wondering where you got the website address from? Grant had
informed me of the plans that Bones has posted a few weeks back but had to
stay quiet. At the time Grant gave me the following web address for the
Pilot Club - http://www.pilot-club.com . I think this is the address as the
website you refer to offers free membership, but I think Grants' Pilot Club
is paided for because it is being done professionally through his business.
It may have changed but have not heard that it has.

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> This is great news bones / Grant
> It appears to offer all one might desire, and the group maintains its
> on-line presence.
> "Pilot Club" Not so sure!
> <www.thepilotclub.com>
> Regards
> Kev

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