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I saw you all flogging around East Anglia and it's nice to see you had a
good flight. I was too busy to watch though as I had a right bunch of German
arrivals at EGNS. All very good, excellent English - but all missed the ILS
because they were using old scenery with the old ILS frequency. They only
mentioned this when most had landed so I warned the final arrival but Sod's
Law reared up again as he had the correct scenery and going to 110.9 made
him miss the ILS too! Great fun.

I must warn John Hill that tonight's bunch of arrivals were a practise
session for next Wednesday when they expect to have about 25 aircraft coming
to EGNS.


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Hi Gerry,

I understand why you don't want to get tied, my problem is I need to be able

to plan ahead a bit. I was lucky tonight to spot your e-mail and be able to 
get in a quick trip, but it did take me approx 15 mins to set up the plan, 
although its an area I know fairly well, e.g. mind the Wash! Also I suspect 
that if we had a regular fly-in night we could attract regular flyers. I can

usually make Thursdays, at least early on.

Anyway, thanks for tonight, I'm sure we all enjoyed it, especially the 
remark about the professional chatter on channel!

Frank T.

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> Hi Frank,
> Many thanks for turning up. Tom and Fred too. You must have all timed your

> departures well, since we all arrived within about ten minutes or so.
> Using IVAO's weather, we had great conditions for an evening flight.
> I'll try to set up another one; more correctly another opportunity. 
> Depends how the cookie is crunched as to which evening. Easiest is just to

> post if I'm doing an evening flight and it's there if anyone wishes to 
> join.
> I was relieved London Control left us to our own devices. Sometimes, 
> understandably, they need the company and offer a flight information 
> service and that constrains using Unicom for position reports.
> I like Gunton Park. Decent strip, trees and deer.
> Gerry Winskill
> Frank Turley wrote:
>> Thanks Gerry, that was good. I had FSC on too, could see us all 
>> converging. Another one next Thursday?
>> Frank T.
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>>> Since the weather looks OK and to check this PC is also OK, I might try 
>>> a VFR flight this evening, on line.
>>> If anyone's interested in trying it, the destination is Farmstrips FSX's

>>> Gunton Park. It's due North of Coltishall and marked on the CAA chart. 
>>> If anyone wants to join, we'll use a fly in format, so departures must 
>>> be from different fields, of your own choice. Since it's my bat, I'm 
>>> leaving from Newcastle, where I'm currently testing. I'll aim to get 
>>> there about 2000 local time.
>>> Gunton has an 800 metre strip, so aircraft choice is a bit wider than at

>>> some farms. Runway is North South and you're requested to make an 
>>> initial low pass, to scare deer off the strip.
>>> If SWMBO puts the mokkers on it I'll post ASAP.
>>> Gerry Winskill

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