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Richard Maxted or UK2000 at a guess.


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Here's another mystery.
Wondering whether there might be farm strips, with websites, with airiel
photographs, that might tempt me to tackle them, I did a Yahoo search.
One field thrown up was Eshott, in Northumbria. A quick look at Local.
Live showed it to be very well depicted. Using Lockyears' co ordinated
got me to an equally well defined FS9 location; as seen in Map view.
When I changed out of map view I found it was in fact a very good third
party scenery. I can't find any trace of Eshott in my Scenery.cfg, so it
must be there under another name. Any suggestions what it might have
been downloaded as/ This time FSNav is no help since I must have added
it after my most recent Dbase run.

Gerry Winskill

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