[jhb_airlines] Re: Ernie up the creek !!!

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 11:37:24 EST

In a message dated 22/12/2005 00:15:15 GMT Standard Time, bones@xxxxxxx  

What you may  need to do is rerun the FlightProject ATOC [SETUP] again. You 
should have a  shortcut for this but it can also be run using ATOC.exe  -setup.
If you start  this up whilst online then it (hopefully) should identify the 
new servers for  Traffic, Weather and Voice. On my system I chose the Voice 
option called  eu.voice.fpi-net.net but maybe that was a mistake. There are 
options  called eu-1.voice.fpi-net.net and eu-2.voice.fpi-net.net. Until we 
all know  better maybe it would be best to select eu-1.voice.fpi-net.net so 
that we all  connect to the same server.

I haven't got a shortcut, and DIR/S reveals no atoc.exe on my system. Any  
ideas please?
In c:\programfiles\FlightProject I found ATOCSC.INI, this appears to  contain 
a number of references to the new voice server, greatly outnumbered  by 
references to the old one! Under [USER] I have, inter alia -
and under [VOICE] I have -
and 8 to 22 read the same, then
Under [VOICEIPADDRESSES] 7= to 23= are as under [VOICE]
Finally under [VOICESERVERS] I have

I'm baffled by this lot I'm afraid, but it might mean something to  somebody.
Frank T.

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