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It's not your problem Ernie - FPI did a server change which has mucked up
the voice operation.
What you may need to do is rerun the FlightProject ATOC [SETUP] again. You
should have a shortcut for this but it can also be run using ATOC.exe
If you start this up whilst online then it (hopefully) should identify the
new servers for Traffic, Weather and Voice. On my system I chose the Voice
option called eu.voice.fpi-net.net but maybe that was a mistake. There are
other options called eu-1.voice.fpi-net.net and eu-2.voice.fpi-net.net.
Until we all know better maybe it would be best to select
eu-1.voice.fpi-net.net so that we all connect to the same server.

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Hi anyone
What do I need to do to connect to FPI nowaday6s ?

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