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I used to live, as a lad, in Irlam. I remember taking a bike ride to Worseley, one Saturday. I can't remember who they were playing but it was a Benefit match. The reason for the ride, over cobbled roads and past Barton Aerodrome, was to see Constantine. I don't recall seeing anything like it. He mixed slow and medium paced in the same over! When his side went in to bat he slammed the ball all over the ground. One six landed just beyond us and he rushed over to where we were sitting, on the grass. He was all smiles and gales of laughter, when he discovered that the car his six had landed on wasn't his but someone elses!

Are the Central Lancashire and East Lancashire leagues still going?

Gerry Winskill


Hi Fred,
Many thanks for your most welcome email.
You will have found a big difference to the weather in Spain and the rubbish we have at the moment.Brrrrrrrrrrrr !!!! I didn't know you were also a widower -- 13 years Wow !!! I don't think at my age (90) I will have 13 years of it !!! I still remember Percy St.in Nelson.I can't imagine it fully Asianised.When I lived there as a youngster the first Asian person I ever saw was the professional cricketeer who played for Nelson cricket club.(Leary Constantine).At practice,he used to put 3 halfcrowns on his stumps instead of bails,and we all had a bowl at him.I never saw him lose either,but he did occasionally when I was not there. The bus station used to be next to the market hall didn't it ? Is the market hall still there ? I don't do much computer flying nowadays.I have to watch my pennies,and the computer and monitor are strictly rationed for economic reasons. I get an email daily from my daughter who lives in Florida USA.That helps my loneliness a good bit.If my wife had lived until last August,we would have had 65 years of marriage. I have a daily routine nowadays,that helps me get through the day.My wife was bedridden for her last few months,and I looked after her.There wasn't enough time in the day then !! Now time is the enemy -- Finding things to do that I can physically cope with,are difficult,together with walking any distance (with a stick). Only last week I bought myself an electric scooter,to help me get about a bit more.Of course the weather is a problem,particularly the early dark evenings.You will know all about that.!!! Well Fred,it is good to know someone from Nelson.I haven't been back there for over 30 years.Thank you for writing to me. I live in Telford Shropshire nowadays.I have a small bungalow which suits me fine -- no stairs to bother about.
All the best,Cheers and chin up is our slogan.
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    Hi Ernie, just got back from visiting my daugther in Spain so it was
    nice to see you pop up on the list nudging someone abit of
    encouragement to  bear up to a bad time considering what you have
    been and are going thro with.Aye like you I find it desolating  but
    find that simming and practical activities keep it at bay [13yrs of
    it]. One copes not for one's sake but for the sake of others;one
    carries others thro so others can carry oneself thro. It's a funny
    life. Well Percy St, is still very much there, don't think it's
    changed much but for tarmac instead of cobbles and no more Monday
    morning backstreet washing hanging out. The school is still there
    but with modern bits of extensions and the area is fully Asianised
    now so you wouldn't know a soul there or even see one that you knew
    when you left all those years ago. Latest change in Nelson is brand
    new bus station built joining the railway station;looks like an all
    glass airport building [clean and tidy at the moment before it
    officially opens -- over 1 month late ] The Station Hotel is still
    there;but I don't think it's catered for travellers for a looong
    time except for those who couldn't walk home after a few pints.Well
    off to get my priorty shopping done this morning Nelson ,Burnley,
    and Padiham aye and to sort my pension situation out as well.So I'm
    taking another turn in life! Well Ernie,like you say 'Cheers
    and Chin Up'   Fred

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        Hi MIke,
        You have my sympathy.
        I am just at the end of my first year on my own.Life can be very
        desolate sometimes.
        Chin up mate,you will do it.

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            I'm afraid that I'm in a very similar boat.  SWMBO and I had
            to dash down to Sussex last night where her 89 year old
            father is extremely unwell and is fading rapidly.  This has
            happened just three weeks after my old mum died.  Life is
            very difficult at the moment and, just as we thought that
            we'd turned the corner, fate has struck back again.
It is most unlikely that I'll be able to make an
            appearence on Thursday as I'd hoped to do, sorry folks.

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            No problem. Real life takes priority over hobbies, it's no

            Hope all goes well.

            Gerry Winskill

            F FISHER wrote:
             > I am really, really sorry, But a medical emergency, means
            I will not be
             > available tomorrow night (Thursday).
             > (My wifes 86 year old Aunt has just had her second fall
            in 24 hours,
             > this time serious, and she lives 100 miles away, and we
            are her only
             > relatives).
             > Do not know when we will be back home, maybe in 48+
            hours, depending..
             > Again, sorry to let you down, was really looking forward
            to the event.
             > Hopefully Jonjo will be around, I will see if I can catch
            him before
             > leaving.
             > Frank F

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