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  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 23:00:36 +0100

thanks Alex I am downloading it now
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  Hi Tom

  As discussed here is the Embraer 170 and panel packaged up. File is 17mb


  I have included the whole list in this mail as I am sure there are lots of 
regional aircraft fans, well I can assure you that this is a really overlooked 
gem of Freeware. The model is by Dreamfleet, with tweaked FDE. 

  The panel is a different matter, now there are about 6 ERJ-170 panels out at 
the moment, and this isn't the fanciest, nor is it the most comprehensive 
however it is, IMHO, the best. It has several little gadgets such as TOC 
calculator and BOD Calculator. An inbuilt TCAS (Eric Marciano's) as well as 
some other neat little features. 

  The thing that makes it best, in my opinion, is the bad weather handling, it 
can simply handle whatever you chuck at it and the panel is so well programmed 
that it'll land on the numbers every time. 
  Earlier today I loaded up a 36kt crosswind directly across the runway at 
EGNS, chucked the autopilot on and she was as steady as a rock all  the way 

  Just like the real aircraft it will climb to FL350 in 17 minutes, take off in 
3,700feet, land in 4,000ft and has a range of 2,000nm. 
  I know I sound like an Embraer salesman but it really is a stunning performer 
as well as being gorgeous to look at (as airliners go) 

  Go on everyone, give it a go! you'll love it. It'll only be up for a day or 
so. As the FPI-UKI/UKA webspace is the cheapest package in the world and that 
17meg has almost filled it up <G>


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