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I might look at this as it looks as if it has been well designed.

I know we can get routes for our UK flights from UKRouteV2 but this data is
limited to the UK SRD doc data and effectively terminates at the UK FIR
boundaries. We also have the Routefinder web page for genuine data and this
seems to be reasonably accurate - at least it has been for the few flights I
have tapped into it. Every now and then it produces rubbish because I
suspect it looks for the most direct route rather than latch onto an
adjacent airway route. An example is Shannon to Ronaldsway where it gave me:

EINN             0      0   N52?42'07.12" W008?55'29.34" SHANNON
NENAG           79     74   N53?06'06.00" W007?00'00.00" NENAG
KEKUL           81      6   N53?08'01.00" W006?50'00.00" KEKUL
KLY     378     80     27   N53?16'10.42" W006?06'23.20" KILLINEY
LIFFY           67     25   N53?28'48.00" W005?30'00.00" LIFFY
EGNS            48     48   N54?05'00.00" W004?37'26.00" ISLE OF MAN

In real life pilots would choose the more sensible SNN V14 DUB W911D IOM
with the above LIFFY route being more useful for Manchester TMA inbounds.


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JHB Pilots may be interested in this FS Module:

EUroute, is a  free flight plan database with 7000+ regularly checked
European routes.
The new development is called EUroute Module - a Flight Simulator plugin
that gives you instant access to flight plans, weather, NOTAM, and other
information - all without leaving the cockpit.

EUroute Module reads your aircraft coordinates from FS to simplify the
search process and can export data in FSNavigator format.

Available from<http://www.euroutepro.com/euroute_module.htm>


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