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It depends which direction you are going in.
For flights to the NW and SE that run under L10 you are restricted by the
airway base so most pilots file for 3000ft and we will clear them to the ZB
not above that height. Sometimes aircraft will go up to 4000ft but then we
have to watch the pressure because the airway base is defined as a flight
level and this comes down as pressure drops. If the QNH is 996 or less the
aircraft will be in L10.
For other directions VFR flights are mostly unrestricted so we ask pilots
what height they are looking for (for those that put VFR in the FPL rather
than a nominated level) and clear them out not above that level - up to the
CTA maximum of 6500ft.

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I was wondering what the altitudes as such are for departing and arriving
VFR flights while in the IOM zone, for eg departing flight clrd to zone
boundary not above ???? and same for arivals?
thankx in advance

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