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It wasn't a night for teaching you how to do things properly <g>..

I still remember my instructor having to take over one day when traffic
started to rise above my limited capability. He carried on with the traffic
and explained what he was doing - but it continued to increase and he had to
stop that and focus on the work. More traffic appeared and it was clear it
was going to become really frantic but Len looked at me and said, "Don't you
ever dare to do what you see me doing now." - and the next ten minutes or so
saw a brilliant bit of controlling to sort the situation out. It was
completely non standard, it was rule book thrown out of the window stuff but
it was superb. 

Last night wasn't like that at all. <g> I got the traffic down and in quick
order but it was sloppy ATC because of lack of practise. If we did exactly
the same tonight it would be better and by the end of the week skill levels
would be getting back to real world standards.


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I wish I could have been there, if only to listen in on your freq Bones, and

hear how it should be done.

I could have learned a thing or two.

But it was not to be, got back home this afternoon, after a 3 day visit to 
Kent. staying at a B&B.

Frank F

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