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This is even more intriguing. The default FS scenery is quite flat =
Ronaldsway and even the hilly bits are nothing more than a couple of
slightly higher lumps. It makes me wonder where you are getting these
terrain changes from. I'd agree with you that you seem to have lost the
default EGNS flatten along the way but it might be worth scouring your
system for rogue AFCAD's.

A bit more about AFCAD's here...

As a general rule I don't allow AFCAD's to install on my system. They =
suggest to many people that they do nothing more than add parking gates =
the scenery but this is not the case. AFCAD's in FS2004 are fully =
SCENERY files for airfields and will overwrite all the default airfield
settings. AFCAD is as powerful as the ASD program for FS98 and it is all =
easy to alter any airfield data with a click of the mouse. Runway =
direction, altitude, lighting are all accessible as are taxiway and =

Before I accept any AFCAD on my system I look at it first to find out =
the changes an author has made. This can take some time as AFCAD is a
powerful program and quite a few variables are buried away in sub menus. =
example is runway altitude which (unfortunately) can easily be set to a
different height to the airfield altitude. A second problem with AFCAD's =
that you can easily end up with several files for the same airfield on =
system - either in the same folder or spread around in sub folders.

My personal view of AFCAD files is that if they are designed to work =
with a
specific scenery add-on then the AFCAD should reside in that scenery =
This ensures that the AFCAD is only active when you enable that scenery =
- which then allows you to have different AFCAD files for an airport if =
have two different sceneries for it.

If you find you have an AFCAD file which is not specific to any add-on
airfield then you need to be a bit more careful. Personally I would =
it unless you know that its layout fits your add-on airport perfectly.
Examples here are those AFCAD's that get distributed by Ultimate Traffic =
Flight 1. I know they mean well and in UT's case the AFCAD's provide =
gates to make all their AI flights operate but their AFCAD's should only =
used for enhancing default FS airports. If you have add-on airfields =
you really need an AFCAD specific to the add-on.

If you don't have any add-on scenery for a specific airport then an =
file can be used - if you are happy with it. Don't forget that it is =
still a
scenery BGL and all the values in it will override the FS default =
airport. I
have about 600 of these AFCAD files that cover airports across the globe =
but not for the UK or any foreign airports I have downloaded. This =
no conflict between data in the AFCAD and that airport.


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That  means with my scenery you are at a true height of 33ft - which is
correct  for the flatten command I have used. With Gary's scenery he has
stayed with  the default FS airfield height of 55ft AMSL.

As a further experiment I disabled all my add-on scenery and did a GOTO
runway 26. I got mountains, though in different positions, so I'm =
puzzled =20
that the default scenery doesn't seem to include an EGNS flatten. Maybe =
did =20
once, but it got zonked by various mods made along the way.
I have now restored my system to enable all the add-on scenery, except =

disabled Garry's EGNS and EGTK as I use alternative scenery for those.
Frank T.

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