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If you use SHIFT +Z then it gives the height AMSL of the eyepoint =
of the aircraft you are flying. For the C172 you subtract 3.7 from the
figure to get ground height.

That means with my scenery you are at a true height of 33ft - which is
correct for the flatten command I have used. With Gary's scenery he has
stayed with the default FS airfield height of 55ft AMSL.


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A  clue.

If you drop 20 feet would I be right in saying that whilst on the  =
your height is 55ft AMSL and then you drop to 33ft AMSL on the  =

If so then it would suggest that something is taking priority  over my
scenery and resetting the runway heights back to the default  55ft.

Could you try switching off Gary's UK2000 scenery again and see  if you =
get the whole of the airfield set to a 33ft altitude. If so  then it =
looks =3D
like something in Gary's scenery is controlling runway  heights despite =
own flatten files being at higher priority. Either that  or you have an
AFCAD file somewhere for EGNS that is active above my  scenery (Ultimate =
Traffic and Flight 1 are both possible culprits  here).

Just check that in my IoM scenery folder you have the EGNS_F.bgl  (which =
is the flatten command) and also, if using FS2004, you have the  AFCAD =
AF2_EGNS.BGL. The latter is part of the FS2004 upgrade and  wasn't =3D =
in the original FS2002 scenery  release.


1. Results using your IOM (yes I do have the EGNS_F.bgl and the =20
AF2_EGNS.bgl) using Shift+Z in the C172 give a uniform 36.7FT across the
2. Same test using Garry's EGNS gives 58.7FT. However, in this mode, I =
can =20
see the red letters of the AI traffic, but I can't see it - I guess its
Frank T.

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