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  • Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:20:15 +0100

I think you can also move my scenery area higher up in the listing so that
Gary's exclude doesn't kill my airfield flatten command. However it is nice
to know you've found a solution.

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I've finally had time to investigate my mountains at EGNS and I found the
When I installed the UK2000 Part 7 scenery I decided I preferred your EGNS
and so renamed Gary's EGNS files to [filename].xbgl
This worked fine for ages. Then when I first got the mountains I thought it
must be your IOM scenery so I disabled it.
This week I found I still had the mountains. Today I've tried various
disablements of FS scenery files and tracked the problem down to UK2000 Part
7. On examining the folder the penny dropped! I had at some time installed
the Part 7 update which included some new .BGLs for EGNS. These were causing
the problem. I've now renamed them to .XXBGLs and flatness is now restored
to EGNS.
I guess I need to write myself a list of reminders of the adjustments I've
made, so that installing updates includes checking on this stuff.
Frank T.

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