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There is a huge amount of money in Ireland now.

In the old days we used to fly into Dublin itself and would often park on
the apron next to a 747. I doubt you could do that now. ATC was little more
than a call passing Lambay Island or Swords. The modest landing fee was paid
to Aer Lingus and more than recouped by the wealth of duty free brought back
- plus the fuel drawback.

At that time Weston was a quiet backwater and even got close to being shut
down. They hung on grimly for a few years but as Dublin got busier GA was
forced out and suddenly Weston became rather more attractive. Then the money
started to come in and the runway was rebuilt and extended..

If you haven't got a GPS life can be very hard flying into the Dublin CTA.

Now that you have dipped your toes in there I can recommend Donegal for its
stunning scenery (overnight stop essential) or Kerry or Waterford. A nice
little round robin is Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Waterford - on the way south
from Galway to Kerry you can route out over the Arran islands and down past
the Cliffs of Moher, cross the Shannon estuary, down to Fenit and Tralee and
in over Ross Lake. Kerry and the Dingle peninsula is well worth exploring.


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My excuse is that I went real-world flying yesteray.  I achieved one of my
long term aims by flying to Dublin. Weston aerodrome has the most superb new
terminal I have seen at any airfield. http://www.westonairport.com Extremely
welcoming young lady on the desk - even came out to take a photo of the two
of us by the aircraft! Antique and repro furniture, marble floors,
restaurant with real food.  Huge brand new hangar with folding up and over
door - looks as amazing a bit of engineering as the Falkirk Wheel! This is a
GA field with just an 800m runway, (although they have "plans"). Several biz
jets, a Buccaneer, a Grumman Goose, http://www.grummangoose.com a Beech 18
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechcraft_Model_18 and over a dozen
helicopters - not one of them a Robinson (the poor man's helicopter).
There's money in Ireland these days.


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