[jhb_airlines] Re: Downloads/Updates

  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 22:43:44 +0000

Peter - Thanks for your help but still no go with FSInn with the LAN. If I want to use VATSIM I'll stick with SB which works fine with the LAN.

Mike L

Peter Dodds wrote:

Sorry, Mike - it is hard to know the level of confusion these various software packages spread in their wake! Granny sucking eggs again.
By "3 greens" I am assuming you are referring to the FSFDT Control Panal interface application?

When you click the little "6 reds or greens" icon on the task bar, you should get the FSFDT Control Panel diplayed

If you have set FSInn up correctly to use the inbuilt voice tool, but have not enabled the second voice chat channel from the FSFDT Control Panel "Voice" menu, as I haven't (because I use teamspeak externally). You should only get 1 green out of the right hand 3 anyway - that is the Vatsim voice engine.
The right hand 3 of the 6 boxes should say:
RogerWilco disabled on this computer
Teamspeak is disabled on this computer
vatsim Voice enabled (or disabled)
If it says "Vatsim voice is disabled on this computer, click the "Voice" option in the menu on the left, then the VATSIM option. On the screen you now see, there is a tickbox at the top "Enable VATSIM Voice on this computer" If it says "enabled" which I think is the default, then your problem would appear to lie only in the area of loading a valid Vatsim server address.

(More granny and eggs again possibly coming ---) Are you aware that the Vatsim Voice module is only activated once you have connected to Vatsim, so if you can't get a valid server address in the requisite box in FSInn set up, the vatsim Voice icon will probably stay red (I can't test this at the moment, and I'm on FS2004 anyway, which doesn't help..)

On the matter of loading the vatsim voice servers, I did have an odd problem at first, where it seemed to lock up, but was in fact just taking a very long time about it. You could try entering the UK server address manually.

Finally, one more item to try:
If you click on the FWInn menu option, it may show "Autodetect" selected. This I think is for FS2004, and you need to click the other option for FS2002 - remote - and enter your PCs internal IP address on which FSInn is running. I am unsure about this (FS2004 user again), but you could try it.


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