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  • From: Alastair <algy.mcintyre@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:09:02 +0000


A quick question, if I may.

If I am running FSInn on the networked computer, do I use the sound card/mic/speakers on the MAIN computer?



Mike Lucas wrote:

I am aware of the steps necessary to get FS2002 to establish a MP session over my LAN and it works fine for ATOC/FPI and VATSIM/SB. But it doesn't work for VATSIM/FSinn (nor, for that matter, with the IVAO software). The FSInn MP session appears to establish OK (I get a message to that effect on my FS PC), but I only get 3 greens instead of 6 (RH column all red) and FSInn locks up when I try to load the list of VATSIM servers.

Mike L

Peter Dodds wrote:

Ah! With FS2002, the automatic joining of your session to a multiplayer session does not work in either Squawkbox or FSInn, because it is a feature only introduced in FS2004.
For FS2002 You have to create the multiplayer session manually and join FSInn to it.

The FSInn manual says, on page 11.
[Quote]With FS 2002, you must make the multiplayer connection
manually, ‘Flights/Multiplayer/Connect’ and enter the IP
address or localhost

I suspect that if you are doing this on two PCs, though, instead of, you have to enter the internal IP of the PC running FS, which is commonly something like It is also necessary that FSInn cannot find a copy of FS9.exe on the remote PC. If you have FS installed on both PCs, you must rename FS9.exe to something esle on the remote PC before attempting to install FSInn on the remote PC, otherwise it will find the wrong instance of FS9.exe, and refuse to look elsewhere. In my view this is a bug/undesirable feature, and I have reported it on the FSInn forum.


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