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I agree that VATSIM is more active than FPI by a long chalk and this has a
subtle impact for anyone trying the service.

With FPI you don't think twice about testing it out by going to a remote
location, connecting and just buzzing around whilst checking the software.
With VATSIM it's tricky to do this as ATC is very likely to be active - or
to pop up within a few minutes of you going live.

For this reason I'd suggest that before going onto VATSIM you take a look at
the local area in FSNav to familiarise yourself with the local area -
situational awareness in a way. It's also worth setting up the local navaids

On my flight earlier today I had taken off from BIRK and climbed to 5000ft
whist checking the autopilot. My GF-MCP had locked up so this was
distracting me and as a result I'd flown out into the Atlantic for a good
distance. When BIRD Centre opened I had no idea where I was and couldn't
really answer his questions as to my intentions. My fault really as I had
not expected ATC to appear and was just bumbling around as I tried out the
software. <vbg>


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There are a lot of international flights on Vatsim following real
world schedules.  Most of these are text on Unicom, because they
don't coincide with time zones, bearing in mind that in any one
country, voice controllers will only be around for 3-4 hours per
evening. However, within the UK, there are anything from 10 to 20
voice controllers on, on most nights, and twice as many pilots -
just check this out on Servinfo. And Vatsim is more
internationally active.  I sometimes fly from Sydney to melbourne
with live ATC during my morning teabreak, and in the early hours,
do a trip somewhere in the States.  Tonight, as I type, at 00:30,
there are 14 controllers and 200 pilots in the USA alone.  On
FPI, at this same moment there are no controllers and 4 pilots,

As for helpfulness, I have never found Vatsim a problem unless
you connect whilst sitting on the threshold of Heathrow 27L and
refuse to respond to voice or text messages to move! (And believe
me a lot of newbies do do just that, in spite of all the
tutorials telling you to park on an apron and observe until you
have got the hang of it).  The Pilot Resource Centre on Vatsim
http://www.vatsim.net/prc/  is now "Open House" no registration needed, and
contains a lot
of help for new pilots. I always advise my new members to put
"Student pilot" in the comments part of their flight plan, and
that helps a lot too.


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