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Hi Peter,

I might take a deeper look into FSInn based on your comments.  I'm finding
it a little confusing trying to make sure aircraft display as they should.
Perhaps delving into the forums may help me...


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As a long time user of Squawkbox 2 and now 3, FSInn is better
than Squawkbox in at least three regards, although otherwise,
they do exactly the same job.
1) FSInn has a very small footprint if you only have one PC.  The
SB3 minimised screen is still very intrusive.
2) SB3 weather system cannot handle precipitation, so it never
rains in SB land.
3)SB3 shows aircraft it doesn't recognise as very large paper
aeroplanes.  Ridiculous!  FSInn shows them as a user configurable
aircraft of choice. You can also configure different aircraft
displayed for unknowns, depending on whether they are prop,
turboprop, or jet aircraft.

I will be changing very soon.

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