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I should really RTFM first but I thought I would dive in and play. SB3 set
itself up OK and I was even able to select the C500 in JHB colours (not
really sure how though).

With nothing on the screen and no aircraft/ATC showing up I took off from
BIRK for a local test flight. At that point BIRD_CTR logged in and asked me
to contact him on voice <vbg>.. I had to look in ServInfo to get his
frequency (I presume you can do this in SB3 but I didn't have time to work
this out) and once COM1 was set the voice activated. I was quite impressed
with it's mimic of real ATC transmissions (which are severely clipped in
dynamic range) and the voice really sounded like a radio transmission.

I also like the voice/Transponder module that popped up in the corner of the
screen - a nice touch.

Having sorted the basics out I apologised to BIRD and exited the session.
Next I hit the ATOC window to try FPI but yet again this locked up FS. Will
have to sort this out later as I have work to do now..


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Hi Bones,

ATC will list in the right hand pane of the SB screen, but only when they
are within range. Also, until you connect to an active ATC controller (with
voice) you won't get the voice+text displayed.

As far as testing went, with both using SB3 the aircraft showed correctly,
even after I had changed my entry in fictional.txt to read "_JB JHB
Airlines". However, when Alastair logged on with FSInn, his aircraft showed
the correct type, but in the default VIP colours, and I showed up as a
Cessna (I was in a 737-700).

I've installed FSInn to take a look but am at present puzzled as to how the
aircraft get allocated for viewing.  There is no dropdown menu to select an
aircraft to be "seen" as, so I can only presume that it checks the
aircraft.cfg of the aircraft you are actually flying.  How the system can
then deduce which VIP model and texture to use is still a mystery to me.....


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I have just plugged in with the new SB3 software. It took a while to set up
as I've not used SB before - I've only controlled in VATSIM.

Currently sitting on the ground at BIRK and am puzzled. There doesn't seem
to be any way of seeing ATC or aircraft nearby except by going into
ServInfo. Although there is a voice option in the setup menu it is also
telling me that I am on text only..

Phil - did you finish your test with Alastair?


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One difference for me is that I can't get FSInn to work over my LAN ....

SB is OK but I haven't tried the new version.  What does it offer that's
new?  I reckon FPI's voice client gives far superior sound quality to SB.

Mike L

Fivewildthings@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Dear all,
> Can someone explain the difference betwen FSInn and Squawkbox.  One or
> the other or both?
> Colin

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