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Understand what you are saying, however I want the Cessna for VFR flying, Bones tells me it as much better controls than the default model.
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Hi Thomas,

I agree about JHB livery but don't get hung up on it because even if you fly a JHB aircraft, other users won't, as yet, see that livery. They have to add it to the downloads list, so that other IVAO users can have it on their machines, to be displayed.

Gerry Winskill

thomas.mcgreevy wrote:
Thanks for your comments and offer.
Perhaps I should give you a little background as to why I want to download and install the following items;
737-400 Full download
Cessna C172 Texture set
Fokker 100 Tay 650-15. Texture set
All of which are in JHB livery.
I am not happy flying in aircraft online which are not in the livery of the airline of which I am flying. Its fair to say that where the technical side of computors are concerned I am a complete novice so I would be more than happy to join you on Skype at whatever time is suitable to you. I am happy for you to use TeamViewer.

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    The best thing to do is open the zip file with Winzip and then
    look in the list of files it shows for a readme or installation
    guide. Each designer should recommend where you install their
    files – some are automatic and some may require you place certain
    files in certain folders.

    Some zipped files need extracting to an exact folder so that they
    create the correct nesting of sub folders in the correct place.

    If you really get stuck and you don’t mind me fiddling with your
    PC we can use Skype and TeamViewer to get the files into the right




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    I wonder if anyone can help me, I have recently installed WinZip
    and have been able to download aircraft to a folder I have named "
    Unzipped Aircraft". When I have tried to move any of the aircraft
    to FS9 aircraft folder I have not been able to do so and in fact
    have crashed my computer twice.

    I have also tried to download scenery with the same results.

    If anyone could give me some advise I would be most grateful.

    Regards Thomas 211

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