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You have two options (3 if you install both versions)

Option 1.

Gauge installed as separatate window in the [Window xx] section.
These windows are accessed by using the Shift + 1, Shift + 2 etc
or, by using a dedicated icon on the panel. This window can be dragged around or re-sized.

Option 2.

Install as a gauge on the main panel, under the [Window 00] section.

To quote from the instructions:-

"Installing the TerraVue gauge: The following line should be added to the panel.cfg file of the desired aircraft. The line is added under the [Window00] section:

gaugeXX=TerraVue!TerraVue3, LocationX, LocationY, SizeX, SizeY

The two XX's in gaugeXX should be the NEXT consecutive gauge number not currently in use on the panel.cfg file. LocationX and LocationY are values you choose. These coordinates will move the gauge to various positions on a panel bitmap. SizeX and SizeY will determine the gauge size when displayed in flight simulator. See Gauge Coordinates.pdf for more details on how this works.

What size should you make this gauge? Start with these numbers and adjust for your panel.
X-size of 143; Y-size of 143 (The width:height ratio is 1:1)"

Under some circumstances you may have to adjust the panel background upon which the panel is sitting. As Gerry says, this involves editing the panel.bmp in a photo editing programme. Not too difficult once you get the hang of it.

Hope the above helps.


Denis Ripley wrote:
Hi Frank, Gerry,

I took Frank's recommendation and downloaded TerraVue. Not sure yet if it will be of any use but that is not my problem. I have installed it as a window but am I right in saying that if you do that, the only place that you can locate it is one of the numbered points? For example : 0 1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8
position=3 <----------------------------------------
gauge00=TerraVue!TerraVue3, 0, 260, 200, 200

The place I want to locate the window is close to position 3 but a little too low as it partially covers another gauge. If my assumption is incorrect, how do I move it to exactly where I want it? My ideal coordinates are as depicted on the line above "gauge00=TerraVue!TerraVue3, 0, 260, 200, 200" but the way I have "[Window07]" written doesn't seem to do the job.

Any suggestions??


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Sorry for the delay.
I did, some years ago, try one of the gauge placement programmes. I gave up because of some of the side effects. I place gauges just by changing the first pair of co-ordinates. I usually start by looking for the coords of the gauge below which I wish my new one to appear. From then on it's trial and error. Simple time savers are to keep your Panel.cfg file open, saving changes via File Save. Next I just reload the aircraft, to see the changes. After the first couple of reloads it seems to get faster. One other thing you can do, if the panel doesn't have enough space, is to extend it, by changing its .bmp file, using Paint, or similar. Of course, once you go down this route you won't have time for outside interests....

Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:

Just installed the TerraVue gauge into my Gulfstream, no good.
But installed into default Lear45 no problem.
Great moving map, with added features, like terrain height, aircraft height, etc
Problem with Gulfstream, the gauge installed partway behind panel, and partway in, and when trying to drag it up, it pulled up my dashboard gauges, it is supposed to install at 0,0 position, but in the Lear, it was on top of panel, but on the dashboard.
I am assuming this means that the 0,0 position referrs to the cockpit panel, not the screen panel!!
Which in the Gulfstream is not at the screen edge. But the Lear is.
Will have a go at installing into other default aircraft, as it can complement FSNav.
This is my first attempt at installing gauges, as you can guess.

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