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If you want the gauge as a pop up window rather than on the panel then:

1. Remove the Gauge42= line from the main gauge listing. Just leave the icon
in there (Gauge41).
2. Remove the line Position=3 from the Window07 entry.

If this doesn't work then two things need checking;-

1. That the CAB file is called TerraVue.cab and sits in the main Gauge or
the aircraft Panel folder.
2. That the XML file inside the CAB is called TerraVue3.xml
3. You also need to check the TerraVue_Icon.xml file to see if the Ident
matches the panel entry ident. You should see a line similar to below:

      <Click>210514 (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click>


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Gerry, Alastair, John,

Thanks for all your replies. While my knowledge of panel gauges is still
very limited, there is some light showing.

Let me describe how I have set-up my 'panel.cfg' for this particular gauge.

Under [Window Titles] is 'Window07=TerraVue'
Under [Window00] there are 2 entries 'gauge41=TerraVue!TerraVue_Icon, 89,
624, 19, 19

0, 260, 200, 200'
Under [Window07]
gauge00=TerraVue!TerraVue3, 0, 260, 200, 200

How does the computer decide which position the gauge should be in when, in
[Window07] there are 2 possible positions given, 'position 3' and '0, 260'

When I start the aircraft, the gauge appears in "position 0, 260" and it
functions normally but  neither the icon nor 'SHIFT + 7' has any effect on
its display. I have a feeling that there is something in the 'panel.cfg'
file that is fighting with something else in said file and the computer is
saying "to heck with this, we'll leave things just the way they are and
therefore does nothing. Am I correct or is there a "dot" missing somewhere
or a line in excess?

At the end of this exercise I should like this gauge to be displayed as a
window in position '0, 260' and be able to display it or not with the
icon(which I have on the panel in its correct location). I hope you guru's
can understand my description such that a solution is possible.



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> Hi Denis,
> I hadn't looked at this gauge but have just downloaded it to try. I
> can't offer much advice on positioning windows, since popups are one
> of my pet hates. However, in the case of many such gauges you can, if
> you wish, have them permanently in view. The clue lies in the
> [window=xx] section. If it doesn't specify a .bmp then it's easy. If
> it does it's a bit more difficult because you have to embed the .bmp
> in your background panel, using Paint. In the case of Terravue you
> just need to include a gauge line in your panel.cfg file, allocating
> the next consecutive number. Next use the first two co ordinates to
> position laterally and vertically, then the third and fourth co
> ordinates to give you the desired size of gauge. In the aircraft I've
> just modified the line becomes
> gauge82=TerraVue!TerraVue3, 10, 590, 170, 170
> Just pick a gauge near which you wish it to appear, then use that
> gauge's
> co ordinates as a stepping off point. After that it's trial and error.
> Same with the sizing co ordinates.
> One other point, in the case of FS9, you can jus place the Terravue gauge,

> in this case it's a folder, inside the Panel folder of the aircraft in
> which yo wish to use it.
>  In some cases the panel of the aircraft may be too small to accommodate
> another gauge. In that case there are still a couple of options. The first

> is to ditch one of the existing gauges and replace it with your new one.
> Sometimes there's one in there that you never use. An example of doing
> this is
> gauge80=xBONES!AC-WEIGHT,765,590,255,170
> gauge81=gw_checks!gw_checks,765,590,255,170
> In that case I wished to replace Bones' gauge with a much modified
> version
> that I'd made, with John's permission.
> First I deacivated the original gauge, BONES!AC-WEIGHT,765,590,255,170, by

> placing an  x  at the start of the gauge title. Since the new name doesn't

> exist as a gauge, then it can't be shown. Next I put in a consecutive line

> for my new gauge, using exactly the same co ordinates used by the
> deactivated gauge.
> If there isn't a redundant gauge then it's possible to extend the
> panel,
> to make more room. For most people this results in an unacceptable
> reduction in the size of the winscreen. In my own case it doesn't 'cos the

> windscreen is on a seperate monitor. If you want to increase the size of
> the panel, I'll try to explain the process.
> Hope that helps.
> Gerry Winskill
> Denis Ripley wrote:
>> Hi Frank, Gerry,
>> I took Frank's recommendation and downloaded TerraVue. Not sure yet
>> if it
>> will be of any use but that is not my problem. I have installed it as a
>> window but am I right in saying that if you do that, the only place that
>> you can locate it is one of the numbered points? For example :       0 1
>> 2
>> 3 4 5
>> 6 7 8
>> [Window07]
>> size_mm=200,200
>> position=3  <----------------------------------------
>> visible=1
>> ident=210514
>> gauge00=TerraVue!TerraVue3, 0, 260, 200, 200
>> The place I want to locate the window is close to position 3 but a
>> little
>> too low as it partially covers another gauge. If my assumption is
>> incorrect, how do I move it to exactly where I want it? My ideal
>> coordinates are as depicted on the line above
>> "gauge00=TerraVue!TerraVue3, 0, 260, 200, 200" but the way I have
>> "[Window07]"  written doesn't seem to do the job.
>> Any suggestions??
>> Denis
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>>> Frank,
>>> Sorry for the delay.
>>> I did, some years ago, try one of the gauge placement programmes. I
>>> gave
>>> up because of some of the side effects. I place gauges just by changing
>>> the first pair of co-ordinates. I usually start by looking for the
>>> coords of the gauge below which I wish my new one to appear. From then
>>> on it's trial and error. Simple time savers are to keep your Panel.cfg
>>> file open, saving changes via File   Save. Next I just reload the
>>> aircraft, to see the changes. After the first couple of reloads it seems

>>> to get faster. One other thing you can do, if the panel doesn't have
>>> enough space, is to extend it, by changing its .bmp file, using Paint,
>>> or similar. Of course, once you go down this route you won't have time
>>> for outside interests....
>>> Gerry Winskill
>>> franklyn fisher wrote:
>>>> Gerry
>>>> Just installed the TerraVue gauge into my Gulfstream, no good. But
>>>> installed into default Lear45 no problem. Great moving map, with
>>>> added features, like terrain height, aircraft height, etc
>>>> Problem with Gulfstream, the gauge installed partway behind panel, and
>>>> partway in, and when trying to drag it up, it pulled up my dashboard
>>>> gauges, it is supposed to install at 0,0 position, but  in the Lear, it

>>>> was on top of panel, but on the dashboard.
>>>> I am assuming this means that the 0,0 position referrs to the cockpit
>>>> panel, not the screen panel!!
>>>> Which in the Gulfstream is not at the screen edge. But the Lear is.
>>>> Will have a go at installing into other default aircraft, as it can
>>>> complement FSNav.
>>>> This is my first attempt at installing gauges, as you can guess.
>>>> Frank
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