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No additional laptop yet but Jen turned up with a nice office chair at
lunchtime.. <g>


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If you can't source a charger locally for your "new" Thinkpad (at the
bottom of the skip, perhaps) - I can recommend
http://www.ultimate-electronics.co.uk/ as a supplier of batteries,
chargers, etc.

Oh, and if you happen to find any more redundant laptops, .....

Mike L

bones wrote:
> As Jen left work today she saw several of the BA Engineers dumping
> stuff in a big skip outside Viscount House. As you may know BA
> Regional was given to FlyBe several months back (in fact FlyBe were
> paid to take it off BA's
> hands) and the staff finally clear out at the end of this week. As the
> building is earmarked for other airlines everything in the place had to
> Curious as to what they may be throwing away she waited until they
> were back inside and had a nosey in the skip. You could have fitted
> out a reasonably sized business with what was in there - everything
> you could think of was in there. They could have sold the lot at a
> clearance sale but, obviously upset at losing their jobs, nobody cared
> a hoot as to what was being thrown out.
> Seeing a new looking briefcase in the skip my canny wife lugged it out
> and there was obviously something in it. A quick check showed it
> contained an IBM ThinkPad so, being an honest girl, she wandered into
> the building and found Eric to hand it back. Eric told her that it was
> broken so she said that the case would be handy so could she keep it
> and dump the laptop in the skip. Eric handed her another case and said
> "This one works, you can have it."...
> So...  Sitting on my desk is an IBM Thinkpad T21 2647. The case
> contained a bunch of cables, a floppy drive and a CD drive - but no
> power cable. It switched on OK - long enough to see it has XP
> installed - but almost instantly died again. Bad news is that it has
> Novell Network on it so I'll have to find a way of getting past their
> login screen. First in need to get hold of a charger.
> At the bottom of the laptop case we also found a mobile phone...
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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