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Novell comes up as soon as the notepad is switched on. We used to have this
at work and it bypasses the usual F8 or F5 boot options. Seems a shame to
have to reinstall XP as it's already there with all the appropriate drivers

Chargers are about 40.00 over here or 2.95 on Ebay. <g>


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Couldn't you just boot from a floppy and reformat and reinstall XP?  Or do
you want to know BA's bank account No. and online banking password? It'll be
on there.

Write to us from the Bahamas, won't you? <g>

> So...  Sitting on my desk is an IBM Thinkpad T21 2647. The case
> contained a
> bunch of cables, a floppy drive and a CD drive - but no power
> cable. It
> switched on OK - long enough to see it has XP installed - but almost
> instantly died again. Bad news is that it has Novell Network on it
> so I'll
> have to find a way of getting past their login screen. First in
> need to get
> hold of a charger.
> At the bottom of the laptop case we also found a mobile phone...
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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