[jhb_airlines] Disposable Society

  • From: "bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 04:17:14 +0100

As Jen left work today she saw several of the BA Engineers dumping stuff in
a big skip outside Viscount House. As you may know BA Regional was given to
FlyBe several months back (in fact FlyBe were paid to take it off BA's
hands) and the staff finally clear out at the end of this week. As the
building is earmarked for other airlines everything in the place had to go.

Curious as to what they may be throwing away she waited until they were back
inside and had a nosey in the skip. You could have fitted out a reasonably
sized business with what was in there - everything you could think of was in
there. They could have sold the lot at a clearance sale but, obviously upset
at losing their jobs, nobody cared a hoot as to what was being thrown out.

Seeing a new looking briefcase in the skip my canny wife lugged it out and
there was obviously something in it. A quick check showed it contained an
IBM ThinkPad so, being an honest girl, she wandered into the building and
found Eric to hand it back. Eric told her that it was broken so she said
that the case would be handy so could she keep it and dump the laptop in the
skip. Eric handed her another case and said "This one works, you can have

So...  Sitting on my desk is an IBM Thinkpad T21 2647. The case contained a
bunch of cables, a floppy drive and a CD drive - but no power cable. It
switched on OK - long enough to see it has XP installed - but almost
instantly died again. Bad news is that it has Novell Network on it so I'll
have to find a way of getting past their login screen. First in need to get
hold of a charger.

At the bottom of the laptop case we also found a mobile phone...


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