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First of all, you should not have to disable Zone Alarm to use the network.
If you add the IP Range of your network machines to the Trusted Zone of your
Zone Alarm Firewall then you should be able to connect without disabling it
(eg (  Additionally, I find if Zone Alarm's
Internet Zone Security is set to High then networked machines cannot gain
access to the net, on Medium they can.

Now for your question.  If programs are trying to connect when the system is
already connected then why?  One possible cause is your browser is
defaulting to work offline.  Check on the file menu whether this is the
case, if it is, uncheck it, close and re-start your browser it should now
default to working online and solve the problem.  If this is not the case
then the more sinister options raise there heads.  Being the synic I am,
spyware and rogue diallers spring to mind.  The former I'm sure you're
capable of checking by now, for the second, look in Control Panel, Network
Connections, there should only be the conenction you use in the Dial-Up
section, if there is more than one, check their properties and look at the
Phone Numbers they are dialling. It'll be obvious which are the rogues.
Simply delete the rogues and do a full system scan using your AV,
anti-spyware etc.


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My network has this PC, the Fsim PC and, occasionally and via wireless,
my laptop.
I never use the Fsim machine for internet access, other than for
PilotClub and ASv6.
The network is set up from this machine, via a Netgear router. For the last
few weeks this machine has been plaguing me with the need
to connect box. It will do it whilst connected to an active site, which
I can ignore. In cases such as the use of Yahoo it won't move to the
next page unless I press the Connect button.
When I access the net via the laptop it doesn't happen. Since I have to
disable Zonealarm to access my network I thought ZA might be the cause
but disabling it on this machine makes no difference.
This machine's keyboard has 5 "My Favourites" buttons. The sites
allocated to these connect without the connect popup appearing. Anything
obvious I'm missing?

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