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Got it eventually by rebooting Firefox. Now I see why everyone was so
horrified by the pilot's actions. An awful waste of a good aircraft and it
could easily have been more serious. I can't see anything that made the
aircraft veer into the fire engine so I can only assume the pilot totally
misjudged his wingtip clearance. I'd have been getting twitchy about
anything within 100ft of the aircraft! <g>

Luckily he wasn't hurt but the aircraft certainly ended up a mess..


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Ouch, a painful experience.
BTW I am running Firefox, and had no trouble loading and viewing video. I
have the shockwave and IE emulation plugins installed. Frank Ps see you in
the Med tonite

Bones wrote:

>Not all pilot's are intelligent. <g>
>I was sent this link and I suspect the article comes with a Shockwave
>- but it doesn't appear on my page in Firefox or in IE.

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