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I have recently upgraded our Sky system to Sky+, it cost £90 for the Sky+
box and £10.00 extra a month but doing so I got the old sky box relocated
into the bedroom / second TV.  The old Sky box has outputs for two TV's
(haven't checked the Sky+), you could link this to the set in your lair.
The issue of cable runs applies but suitable trunking/wall cavities/loft etc
can be used. The channel on the second box can be controlled by a magic eye
remote system.

OK so still limited to two channels being viewed at one time but better than
nothing.  An additional bonus is recording on Sky+ which can later be output
to either DVD recorder/video/capture card as you wish.

As for BBC channels, in Hull we are in one of the "poor" analogue reception
areas, despite it being geographically flat around here.  To get a set-top
box to work usually requires a digital arial being fitted (Hullprices,
around £80 including fitting).  This then provides access to the freeview
channels (including digital radio) via the set-top box.


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The IOM is to be one of the first areas to be switched from Analogue to
Digital TV.
First thing that strikes me is the high degree of spin being applied to
this changeover. The good news is better picture quality; I already have
access to digital via my satellite dish.
An unmentioned sacrifice, unless there is a radical change, is that the
stereo sound quality will plummet, as the result of the change. Next is the
fact that although I have satellite TV, it's on one set
only. That renders the other two sets obsolete, plus a portable, too. I'll
presumably have to take up the Sky offer of another box, for one of
the two analogue receivers, since I don't fancy having the house spring
a second dish.
The set in my lair, although a present from SWMBO, looks the prime
candidate for the skip. I've just been doing a search on the subject,
looking for a way of using the PC as digital TV receiver. Anyone done this,
already? In particular, I'm just looking at the site for the DVB-T USB
Stick, at

This looks promising, apart from not mentioning XP Home, in the required OS.
Anyone tried this route yet?

Any other ideas welcomed.

Gerry Winskill

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