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Had I mentioned the virtual SAM site?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Or you can do what I do. Slow down a bit and wait for someone else to land
and then follow them in.. <vbg>


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I would enjoy that. I could wheel out a certain and delightful Tiger Moth again! I could join in so long as it is not a weekend.

Just a couple of thoughts - any aircraft capable of landing at a
farm strip would be unlikely to have an autopilot, so I would ban
autopilots altogether.
You would need to provide an airfield diagram with latitude
and longitude, runway headings, height, any obstacles, and a
brief description of location e.g. "5nm south west of
I remember you have NDBs at these fields.  These should be
switched off to make it realistic.  Anyone can find a field with
an NDB.


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