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Usual rules apply for me - I won't really know until the day in question..


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Is anyone available for Monday evening, next?

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

> On reflection, you can choose a starting point outside that list.
> Choose your intermediate from it, perhaps. You can start from wherever
> you wish. It doesn't need to be a farm strip either. Just let me know
> where it is, so that we can avoid two starters fom the same place.
> Your start choice would be influenced by the intended finish time of
> 2115. If we're running late then there's a bit of time in hand before
> the noises off tend to start.
> Gerry Winskill
> Gerry Winskill wrote:
>> Right, to make progress.
>> I'll select a final destination from the following list, one of which
>> is in nearby Sussex, the other in Essex.
>> If you want to pick one of them as a starting point, then drop me a
>> note, at my gwinsk@xxxxxxx address.
>> I'll then reply, offlist, either confirming you have it or that it's
>> not available. That could be because someone else has already claimed
>> it.
>> You'll find a note on each strip's location, in the readme lists with
>> Vol 1 and Vol 3. Vol 1 didn't contain any sited in these counties.
>> When I've got a quorum I'll seek to get an acceptable date, via this
>> list.
>> On the day of the event I'll notify the final destination and posdt
>> its Lockyears pages on my Homepage site.
>> At the same time I'll give a list of runners and riders. You can
>> either then post your intermediate landing strip choices, or not, as
>> the whim takes you.
>> The list is:
>> Sussex             Jackrell's Farm
>> Essex              Boones Farm
>> Kent              Clipgate
>>                     Farthing Corner
>>                     Lyminge
>>                     Maypole Farm
>>                     Old Hay
>>                     Pent Farm
>>                     Stoke Airfield
>> Having lit the blue touch paper he retired, hastilly.
>> Gerry Winskill

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