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FSNav needs a little playing with in this respect. Altitude Crossing and
Altitude After do two separate but subtle things - and FSNav isn't clear =
to what they do. The other problem I've noticed is that once you enter =
height restriction FSNav isn't kind in allowing a second change in the =
vicinity. A third issue is that selecting these boxes and then amending =
sometimes throws FSNav is a tizzy and it doesn't reset properly.

It's a while since I used these boxes but I'll have a crack at =
the best way to implement them. Feedback or corrections welcome!

Altitude After is probably best used in the climb only. I say that =
it seems to lock the remaining portion of the flight at the selected =
I would probably only use it if you needed to cross a beacon at a =

Altitude Crossing is something I would use on descent if you wanted to =
hit a
beacon or fix at a target height.

In both cases I wouldn't assign a second limitation on a second position =
close proximity because FSNav seems to need a bit of space to separate =
the two. For example if you dialled in to cross WCO at FL100 and BNN at =
FSNav might decide to ignore the first and drop you down to FL70.

This makes SID's a bit messy but as an interim fix for this I would =
just entering the final SID altitude in FSNav. Most of the SID's out of
Heathrow end up at 6000ft and I'd program this into FSNav for the exit =
If there is an intermediate height restriction then dial this into the
autopilot ALT box. I know FSNav tends to override this but I'm sure I =
a temporary way to bypass the FSNav alt and specify your own. This is =
my lack of using FS recently is beginning to show..

I don't honestly know of a separate FMS package Gerry and I'd guess this
isn't possible for anything other than a specific aircraft. The PMDG FMS =
brilliant but I am still getting to grips with it as I haven't used one =
a long time - possibly Bill Grabowski's ERJ or something of that =


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Jumping slightly sideways, trying to enter a height profile into FSNav =
not easy. In=20
theory, its facillities for Altitude Crossing and Altitude After, should
allow the heights=20
specified in SIDs and STARs to entered. In practice, it seems to  have a
life of its own,=20
which reduces its FMS attraction. I used to have a Shareware FMS package =
seem to=20
recall its designer dropping out, before FS2002. Is there an alternative
around? Better=20
still, is there an external hardware lump that will interface with FS9?

Gerry Winskill

On 14 Nov 2004 at 3:58, Bones wrote:

> Careful using the word London as I don't know whether you mean London=20
> as in Heathrow Approach or London Centre..
> >From Glasgow to Heathrow you would change from Scottish Centre to=20
> >London
> Centre around 55N. You won't go to Manchester as they only have=20
> control up to FL150 in real life but FPI might differ on this.
> If only Heathrow Approach is active this can be trickier but plan=20
> ahead to sort out your descent to be at BNN VOR at FL70. Approach may=20
> very well take you on early enough to give you a descent but if he=20
> gets too busy with his stack traffic its going to be up to you to get=20
> down in time.
> bones
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> A 'quick' one for John.
> John, assuming I am on a IFR flight from EGPF to EGLL.
> Only one controller on line at, say, London centre.
> Q. on reaching abeam Trent VOR, do I start my descent from F350=20
> WITHOUT contacting the London controller? (As I am out with his=20
> controlled airspace at that point).
> I am thinking that it is not too good to leave the descent too late.
> Unlike the real world, at this point I would be under the control of=20
> Manchester, who in turn would hand over to London control.
> Thanks, again.
> Alastair

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