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The reply, below, is more or less what I have been doing.

However, some controllers can get a little 'iffy' if you are changing 
flight level without their consent. <G>

I suppose that unlike real life, the rules can vary from session to session.

Sometimes you can have Centre controllers, sometimes only local airport 
controllers on line.

Also I think that a lot depends on the work load of the controller.

If he is very busy you can be more or less left to your own devices (fly 
the STAR arrival), or if he is particularly quiet you may get the 'red 
carpet' treatment.



Bones wrote:
> Careful using the word London as I don't know whether you mean London as in
> Heathrow Approach or London Centre..
>>From Glasgow to Heathrow you would change from Scottish Centre to London
> Centre around 55N. You won't go to Manchester as they only have control up
> to FL150 in real life but FPI might differ on this.
> If only Heathrow Approach is active this can be trickier but plan ahead to
> sort out your descent to be at BNN VOR at FL70. Approach may very well take
> you on early enough to give you a descent but if he gets too busy with his
> stack traffic its going to be up to you to get down in time.
> bones
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> A 'quick' one for John.
> John, assuming I am on a IFR flight from EGPF to EGLL.
> Only one controller on line at, say, London centre.
> Q. on reaching abeam Trent VOR, do I start my descent from F350 WITHOUT 
> contacting the London controller? (As I am out with his controlled 
> airspace at that point).
> I am thinking that it is not too good to leave the descent too late.
> Unlike the real world, at this point I would be under the control of 
> Manchester, who in turn would hand over to London control.
> Thanks, again.
> Alastair

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