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were those the screen shots you used in computer pilot I enjoyed the article 
how to visit some of the places
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>I find that if you want to use these boxes, you have to set them
> separately for every waypoint and then they work.  In other words
> if you have waypoints ABC, setting B to "altitude after" at 4500
> feet needs you to set C altitude crossing at 4500 feet also.  You
> therefore need a waypoint at every planned change of alitude,
> with manual valuues set, which isn't always easy/possible.
> Recently I set up a flight in FSNav to fly along the Thames from
> Dartford at 900 feet, dive through the middle of Tower Bridge and
> then climb back to 900 feet.  I did it to get
> external screenshots without having to fly the plane as well.
> After a bit of fiddling about, I got it to work perfectly.  (if
> anyone wants it, I still have it.  It's a bit of fun...!)
> Peter

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