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I'm not sure what the real CRJ's go up to on this route but I'd have a =
at 190. About the highest the jet gets on the EGNS to EGLL route is 230 =
I'm basing my guess on that.

Possibly by selecting FL200 FSNav is saying "I can't do that" and is =
height at the last altitude restriction..

One good clue about selecting cruise height is to look at the TOC and =
points in the map. On most UK routes the pilots only stay at cruise =
for a few minutes (a bit longer on the Scottish routes) so aim for an
altitude that reflects this in FSNav. I admit to do this correctly =
fairly realistic values in the aircraft menu for rate of climb and climb


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It works im mysterious ways.
If I try to plan an EGCC to EGKK, the Manchester HON1R SID, dictated by
then the highest cruise alt I can get FSNav to accept, by HON, is 19500.
This is in the=20
CRJ700, with its climb set at an unrealistic 2200 fpm. If I try for =
then it settles on=20
a max of 5000'! The only way is to creep up on the by HON altitude =
entry. It
ignores the cruise alt set in the Aircraft section.
For me, the easiest way round the problem might be to have FSNav's FMS
follow the=20
track and enter the altitudes manually, as each point is passed. Eg, set
3000'and hold=20
until HOND58, then reset to 5000', until SANBA, then reset to an =
20000', etc.

Gerry Winskill

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