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  • From: Alastair McIntyre <a.mcintyre@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 18:42:11 +0000


Very useful comments (as always).

I tried altering a few altitudes in the 'altitude crossing' in descent 
mode, and it seemed to work o.k.

Not to sure, however, about the 'altitude after' in climb mode.

However, very useful information concerning the differences between the two.



Bones wrote:

> FSNav needs a little playing with in this respect. Altitude Crossing and
> Altitude After do two separate but subtle things - and FSNav isn't clear =
> as
> to what they do. The other problem I've noticed is that once you enter =
> one
> height restriction FSNav isn't kind in allowing a second change in the =
> near
> vicinity. A third issue is that selecting these boxes and then amending =
> them
> sometimes throws FSNav is a tizzy and it doesn't reset properly.
> It's a while since I used these boxes but I'll have a crack at =
> suggesting
> the best way to implement them. Feedback or corrections welcome!
> Altitude After is probably best used in the climb only. I say that =
> because
> it seems to lock the remaining portion of the flight at the selected =
> height.
> I would probably only use it if you needed to cross a beacon at a =
> specified
> height.
> Altitude Crossing is something I would use on descent if you wanted to =
> hit a
> beacon or fix at a target height.
> In both cases I wouldn't assign a second limitation on a second position =
> in
> close proximity because FSNav seems to need a bit of space to separate =
> out
> the two. For example if you dialled in to cross WCO at FL100 and BNN at =
> FL70
> FSNav might decide to ignore the first and drop you down to FL70.
> This makes SID's a bit messy but as an interim fix for this I would =
> suggest
> just entering the final SID altitude in FSNav. Most of the SID's out of
> Heathrow end up at 6000ft and I'd program this into FSNav for the exit =
> fix.
> If there is an intermediate height restriction then dial this into the
> autopilot ALT box. I know FSNav tends to override this but I'm sure I =
> found
> a temporary way to bypass the FSNav alt and specify your own. This is =
> where
> my lack of using FS recently is beginning to show..
> I don't honestly know of a separate FMS package Gerry and I'd guess this
> isn't possible for anything other than a specific aircraft. The PMDG FMS =
> is
> brilliant but I am still getting to grips with it as I haven't used one =
> for
> a long time - possibly Bill Grabowski's ERJ or something of that =
> vintage..
> bones

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