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It's a kosher external hard drive from Maxtor already in its own neat
looking case. What I may do is cut this apart to see if the unit is a
standard drive unit with a USB circuit in. If so it may work bunged into a
new enclosure. If it's a dedicated design then I'm up the creek.


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Dependant on the HD you may find you can use one of those adaptors that 
connect a USB port to a bare bones hard drive, I have one that managed to 
read a number of my old IDE drives that I had retained.

Frank T.

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>I was also a hoarder of stuff until yesterday but it looks like I'm not any
> more.
> We had an awful thunderstorm here last Saturday. They are rare here but 
> when
> we get one it doesn't mess about - I was counting lightning strikes every
> three seconds at one point. Needless to say I unplugged all my PC stuff so
> nothing got damaged but not everyone was so careful and there have been a
> lot of blown systems - especially routers. One house even had some light
> sockets blown off the walls.
> Anyway I plugged everything back in on Sunday and all seemed well except 
> for
> the external drive. This is plugged into a 7 port hub along with the
> wireless mouse, modem, card reader, scanner, printer and SBS. A little 
> while
> later each of the other devices started to fail and as I investigated this

> I
> found the 7 port hub was darn hot.
> I dug out a second hub (I have three altogether with two just used for FS
> kit) and plugged all the units back in to this. Bad news was that the 
> mouse,
> external drive and modem were totally dead. None are identified by Windows
> when plugged in - it just reports them as unknown devices - so I'm 
> guessing
> their ID chips have been fried.
> Luckily I have a spare mouse receiver and got that working quite quickly.
> The modem went in the bin and has been replaced by a wireless router -
> something I've never had before so am going to have to do some reading up
> on. Luckily it worked right out of the box so it is still a mystery device
> to me - as is anything to do with networking.
> The hard drive is the critical one as it contained all my research and 
> data
> lifted from my old PC. That includes my full FS setup and related design
> work - all carefully stored for when I get the new PC running. Not good
> news.
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://woodair.net
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> Gerry -
> Barry Perfect used to be a member of the original UKScenery List - his 
> last
> post to that list was on 3 Aug 2001.  I really must get around to clearing
> out some of the rubbish on my hard disks!  Am I a hoarder or what?  You
> should see the state of my loft and garages ...
> M.
> p.s.  Mind you, if I deleted all my archived posts I wouldn't be able to
> come up with blasts from the past like the above ever again (some would 
> say
> that would be a good thing ...)
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>> Whilst involved in a thread on the Horizon forum, my mind, or what's
>> left of it, went back to early sceneries. The era when there were very
>> acceptable large airports that weren't over elaborate show stoppers. I
>> was trying to recall the name of a designer who did a very nice
>> Manchester. Between us we dredged up his name; Barry Perfect.
>> I wonder what happened to him?
>> Gerry Winskill

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