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Dependant on the HD you may find you can use one of those adaptors that connect a USB port to a bare bones hard drive, I have one that managed to read a number of my old IDE drives that I had retained.

Frank T.

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I was also a hoarder of stuff until yesterday but it looks like I'm not any

We had an awful thunderstorm here last Saturday. They are rare here but when
we get one it doesn't mess about - I was counting lightning strikes every
three seconds at one point. Needless to say I unplugged all my PC stuff so
nothing got damaged but not everyone was so careful and there have been a
lot of blown systems - especially routers. One house even had some light
sockets blown off the walls.

Anyway I plugged everything back in on Sunday and all seemed well except for
the external drive. This is plugged into a 7 port hub along with the
wireless mouse, modem, card reader, scanner, printer and SBS. A little while later each of the other devices started to fail and as I investigated this I
found the 7 port hub was darn hot.

I dug out a second hub (I have three altogether with two just used for FS
kit) and plugged all the units back in to this. Bad news was that the mouse,
external drive and modem were totally dead. None are identified by Windows
when plugged in - it just reports them as unknown devices - so I'm guessing
their ID chips have been fried.

Luckily I have a spare mouse receiver and got that working quite quickly.
The modem went in the bin and has been replaced by a wireless router -
something I've never had before so am going to have to do some reading up
on. Luckily it worked right out of the box so it is still a mystery device
to me - as is anything to do with networking.

The hard drive is the critical one as it contained all my research and data
lifted from my old PC. That includes my full FS setup and related design
work - all carefully stored for when I get the new PC running. Not good


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Gerry -

Barry Perfect used to be a member of the original UKScenery List - his last
post to that list was on 3 Aug 2001.  I really must get around to clearing
out some of the rubbish on my hard disks!  Am I a hoarder or what?  You
should see the state of my loft and garages ...


p.s.  Mind you, if I deleted all my archived posts I wouldn't be able to
come up with blasts from the past like the above ever again (some would say
that would be a good thing ...)

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Whilst involved in a thread on the Horizon forum, my mind, or what's
left of it, went back to early sceneries. The era when there were very
acceptable large airports that weren't over elaborate show stoppers. I
was trying to recall the name of a designer who did a very nice
Manchester. Between us we dredged up his name; Barry Perfect.

I wonder what happened to him?

Gerry Winskill

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