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Gerry -

Barry Perfect used to be a member of the original UKScenery List - his last
post to that list was on 3 Aug 2001.  I really must get around to clearing
out some of the rubbish on my hard disks!  Am I a hoarder or what?  You
should see the state of my loft and garages ...


p.s.  Mind you, if I deleted all my archived posts I wouldn't be able to
come up with blasts from the past like the above ever again (some would say
that would be a good thing ...)

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> Whilst involved in a thread on the Horizon forum, my mind, or what's
> left of it, went back to early sceneries. The era when there were very
> acceptable large airports that weren't over elaborate show stoppers. I
> was trying to recall the name of a designer who did a very nice
> Manchester. Between us we dredged up his name; Barry Perfect.
> I wonder what happened to him?
> Gerry Winskill

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