[jhb_airlines] Re: Defrag needs

  • From: "Alex - Reheat.org" <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 13:50:08 +0000

Hi Peter,

I have been doing a little MP flying in FSX just as a "tester" to see if it works.
I must admit that it is very smooth, you can see all the effects (including wing vapor and opening/closing exits etc) the ATC system is very primitive but it works and generally it just a big improvement over FS9.

My only main complaint is that, like you, I didn't want to sign up for gamespy, but it is the only way to go MP! Direct IP connections no longer work outside your own network.


Peter Dodds wrote:
My post was meant to be genuinely positive and in admiration of Gerry's persistence, because mostly 
I am filled with gloom on the subject.

I only ever fly multiplayer these days.  I have done with flying alone except for bits of testing 
etc. Until I can get the multiplayer to work - FSX stays in the box.  Although I say that, I do keep 
trying to find a way to get something out of my purchase.  Only yesterday I tried again to log into 
gamespy with my existing account (created a couple of weeks ago via the Gamespy web site, solely for 
FSX use). FSX wouldn't let me, as it hadn't all along. So I created a new Gamespy account from with 
FSX and that worked.  So I logged into a session, which you have to do now before you start up a 
flight, rather than the other way round.  By the time my flight had loaded (5 minutes) the host had 
vapourised.  All the multiplayer facilities - hosting, joining, the 2 players in 1 aircraft, and the 
ATC option are behind the Gamespy interface.  Personally I think this is completely wrong. I 
actually didn't ever want to join Gamespy. I don't know what you find once you can go through the 
LAN gateway, I haven't tried because there is no-one else on my LAN but me and I only have one copy 
of FSX on 1 machine.

Is anyone on this list flying multiplayer in FSX yet?

I have battled with many FS issues over the years, striving to make it more realistic, as you do, 
but never before, 4 weeks after purchasing a new version, have I wished I hadn't bothered.  As a PPL 
like you (and probably like you I use FS to keep my brain current if not my hands and feet) FS is 
important for more than just its own sake.  I enjoy all the eye candy which some despise as being 
trivial - and I agree it is not - the magic of flight for me is what you see out of the window, not 
the distance you travel. I want to see the magic of night flying without the risk of doing it for 
real in a light single.  But I continue to be annoyed at the fact that they seem not to be 
interested in making the aircraft FLY properly. E.g. I want to learn how to spin at NO risk of 
making my kids fatherless.

Maybe it is an energy thing after all. 



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