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Does the APM20 have a mag switch and Batt master on the panel?


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One possibillity for the eyepoint situation is to make a change, via the
value in Aircraft.cfg. It won't restore in flight control but might make
it possible to obtain a deeper field of view, when in level flight.

When flying VFR, without eyepoint control, the choice of aircraft seems
likely to be significant. First flight over the Horizon scenery, was in
a Baron; because it was there...
 To get the sharpest picture I slowed it to 110 kias. In retrospect that
isn't a good idea, since lower cruise speed should result in a higher
AOA; thus less scenery over the nose. A slower aircraft might, therefore
produce a better view.

Another problem, not scenery related, affects one of my FS9 aircraft,
that I'm trying to use in FSX. The aircraft is the Lionceau APM20, that
I've modified so that it's ideal for farm strips but still with a cruise
speed of 130 kias. Initially the stopper to using it in FSX was the FS9
panel. Having made a new, FSX compatible, panel I thought I was clear.
Not so. Whatever I do I can't start the engine; not even with CTRL  E  .
The only way is to load and start an FSX a/c, then load the APM20 with
engine running.
Anything blindingly obvious that I'm missing?

Gerry Winskill

> Gerry Winskill wrote:
>> That done and it's markedly better. But here we hit a major problem.
>> I'm running with the instrument panel displaced to its own monitor.
>> There's therefore nothing to obstruct the view. In FSX, in 2D panel
>> mode, there's hardly any view of the ground ahead. In this mode the
>> Eye Point can't, so far as I'm aware, be adjusted. To get a decent
>> impression of this scenery I have to use either top down or look
>> behind me. This 2D panel / Eyepoint thing is a giant step backwards!

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