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Give us some screenshots when you have it running.. <g>
Although the scenery itself is of much interest it is the reputed 5m mesh
that is going to be of concern. 5m resolution is stunning but it also brings
a load of problems - particularly around airport flattens. At Ronaldsway the
threshold of 21 is 55ft (16.7m) AMSL but at the 03 end it is only 18ft
(5.4m) AMSL. This isn't a significant drop in real terms - quite a few
runways have a gradient that is higher. 
The problem is that airfield flattens are always set to the highest value as
official airfield elevation is defined as such (the highest point on the
manoeuvring area or apron) and this is what FS uses in the sim. The result
is that as 03 is right on the coast - it literally runs straight into sand
dunes - a gentle slope from 18ft into the sea becomes a 55ft cliff face. It
may not sound much but with higher terrain resolution it could look awful.
It is one reason why I reset the airfield elevation in my scenery to 33ft.
Airfields with any significant slope may look bad with higher resolution
mesh so if Gary think he's found a way to create variable flattens it could
have a significant effect in FSX.

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There you go then ;) no need for all the moaning after that was there,
scenery delayed by only one second! Although I bet those 3 DVD's take a
while to install! 


Gerry Winskill wrote: 

In fact it took less than 1 second. Must be the weather. 

Gerry Winskill 

Alex - Reheat.org wrote: 

Well there are only two scenario's here: 

1) the drive is as virgin as you say and a defrag will take about 15 minutes
- no problem. 
2) The drive DOES need a defrag, it takes an hour and will help with your
scenery performance..... 

Either option says yes ;) 


Gerry Winskill wrote: 

Sod's Law dictates that when I go out my return is met with a blue card from
Manx Post, saying they delivered a package, just 5 minutes ago. I can
usually then collect from the sorting office; four hours later. 

Naturally, four hours later and we have the first cold spell of the winter.
It's also raining. Add to that the fact that the road onto their site has
been dug up and is a quagmire, through which I have to drive my newly
cleaned car!!! 

None of which matters a toss, when I find the parcel is the three vol
package of Horizon's photoscenery. 

Which brings me to the question. The installation instructions advise a disk
defrag before installation. The HD onto which it will be aimed is a brand
new, virgin, SATA 160 Gb, only formatted yesterday. Do I need to defrag it
when it's never been used? 

That could delay my seeing how the scenery looks..... 

Gerry Winskill 

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