[jhb_airlines] Re: Computer rebuild.

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  • Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 17:34:01 +0100

Please excuse my ignorance but what, in the name of all that is holy,
is a "bluetooth dongle"...?!!


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> My box of computer bits arrived today so I'll be starting
> a rebuild as soon
> as I have the nerve/energy to tackle this.
> It's a basic rebuild with new mobo, memory, CPU plus a few
> extras like
> better soundcard, bluetooth dongle, mouse etc. My current
> P4 1.8 has been
> rock solid since I got it but the Abit TH7 mobo is only
> USB1 and the RAMBUS
> memory is probably dead end technology. It will go up on
> the storage shelf
> with the P3 system I replaced before it.
> I presume that once I rebuild this lot that Win XP will
> accuse me of
> installing on a second machine of something silly and
> refuse to work. Is it
> easy enough to get a new key from MS? Should I do this
> before or after the
> rebuild?
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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